Alambre Mig Tub. Esab Dual Shield T-115 E111t5-k4m Básico 1.2 Mm 15 Kg

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Dual Shield T-115 is a basic slag flux cored electrode designed for applications requiring a high strength weld deposit. Dual Shield T-115 produces weld deposits which are resistant to cracking in heavy sections or under high restraint. It has good usability with a minimum amount of spatter and easy slag removal. It can be used for welding steels such as: T-1, HY-80, HY-90, N-A-XTRA 90, 100 and 110, and the SSS 100 series. The weld metal analysis is similar to an E11018-M low hydrogen electrode. A 100% CO2 shielding gas is recommended for the 3/32" (2.4) size and a 75% Ar / 25% CO2 gas for the .045 " (1.2) and 1/16" (1.6) sizes.

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  • Mobile Equipment
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  • FCAW - Flux Core Arc Welding

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