Fundente Esab Ok Flux 10.72 F7a8-em12k 25 Kg

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OK Flux 10.72 is an agglomerated, basic flux, designed for the production of wind towers. It combines the high demands for multi-layer thick section welding, using high deposition rates with respectable toughness values down to -50°C when combined with a standard non-alloyed SAW wire. It is used for single and multi-wire procedures such as tandem, twin arc, tandem-twin welding and many more, for butt and fillet welds. It works equally well on DC and AC current. The excellent slag removal in narrow V-joints allows the included angle of the joint to be reduced. OK Flux 10.72 can be applied for unlimited plate thicknesses. In wind tower production, plate thicknesses of 50 mm and above are common, generally welded with Y-joints. It is essential that the slag is easily removable on the first run. For the remaining filling passes the flux needs to offer a high current carrying capacity, to allow for high deposition rates, for example, 38 kg/h with the tandem twin process. Often toughness values down to -500°C are required throughout the thickness. This excellent flux can also be utilised in other market segments with similar welding requirements e.g. pressure vessels and general construction welding.

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